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Canada's Quebec province has announced that it will be suspending all approvals for new digital currency-mining projects so officials can consider deeper restrictions and potential energy price hikes. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-mining operations in Canada are largely powered by Hydro Quebec.
With crypto scams running rampant across the globe, Human Trust Protocol, aka Hub, is joining hands with Civic, a blockchain identification service provider, to verify users via know-your-client (KYC) data gathered from the Civic secure identity platform (SIP).
In the previous BTC-USD market analysis, we discussed a macro pattern forming, called a "symmetrical triangle." A symmetrical triangle (shown in red) is a directionally agnostic consolidation pattern. Until this weekend, the market hadn't decided whether it was going to break up or break down out of the pattern.

Alpha Omega and Ai Raiden Project X Visionary

The Alpha Omega Blockchain and Ai Raiden Project X is my original vision on how the Cryptospace can become a stable future asset. Bitcoin has massively opened an opportunity for developers and visionaries to source through what is essential to the crypto ecosystem moving towards a vast more open expansion the effect to bring the volatility down.

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