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Crypto Global Update: 08/05/2018

In case you missed it:✔️Vitalik has released a proof-of-concept for Ethereum Data Sharing Technology✔️Bitcoin is back in Asian Markets at $ 10,000✔️Argentina just bought a mountain of Asics✔️Coinbase is offering Institutional investors direct trading✔️Municipal Bonds on the Blockchain now piloting at the Berkley City Council✔️The FTC has plans to educate consumers on CryptoCurrency Fraud✔️Australia has created a solar farm for Crypto Mining✔️Chilean banks are forced to re-open CryptoCurrency bank accounts✔️You can now buy Bitcoin in Taxis and Shops in Rostov, Yaroslavl Oblast, one of the oldest towns in Russia#cryptocurrencyto Currency Fraud✔️Australia has created a solar farm for Crypto Mining#cryptocurrency #updates

May Day Crypto Predicts!


MAY 7, 2018

While the Crypto World is in Confusion over Impending SEC/CFTC Regulation, SEC Quietly Updates Online ICO Info

The cryptocurrency space added chaos to the weekly ration of FUD today with the rumor of an internal meeting between the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission that would decide the fate of Ethereum and its many offspring ICOs and whether they would be considered security or utility tokens.

Neither agency was willing to acknowledge the meeting, and neither issued any statements about it. What did surface, though, were updates made Monday to the SEC’s webpage on ICOs.

The SEC launched the page in March but made changes to it Monday amid rampant speculation about the expected Ethereum decision.

Some in the space are saying the Wall Street Journal story that reported the meeting last week was well-placed, fake news FUD, but a financial industry source that is closely monitoring the situation says it’s likely the truth.

Our source said the meeting was a purely internal working group gathering that was set for Monday to discuss how federal agencies would oversee ICOs. This type of meeting would not appear on the public calendar for either agency.

Such a meeting would only serve an information gathering function and was probably directed by higher ups in both agencies ahead of any decision on how each agency will view various cryptocurrencies.

So much depends on Ethereum’s classification that the rumored meeting may have caused a 5 percent dip in Ethereum prices in the 24 hours heading into it. Despite that dip, we continue to be bullish about Ethereum thanks to its wide usage, development team, and active community. It remains the strongest dApp blockchain.

The fear for many is that dubbing Ethereum and its ICOs as securities unleashes a swarm of regulations on ICO developers and investors. So anyone involved in the space would become a federal target for their past actions that are out of line with any current decision by these agencies.

The hope of many in the crypto space is that regulators will agree with Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capitalist who is heavily invested in cryptocurrencies, and Ethereum cofounders Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin, who have lobbied aggressively to have Ethereum deemed a utility token rather than a security.

Lubin has said that Ethereum is not a security and never has been. While we at Crypto.IQ don’t think Ethereum is a security now, it may have been when it was launched since tokens were sold to raise money for the project. We think it has since morphed into a utility token that is the foundation for a huge number of ICOs.

It’s important to note that, while all the uproar about tokens being securities or utilities rages on, it’s good to remember that Bitcoin, the anchor of all things crypto, has never been and will never been considered a security. It’s a currency, plain and simple, so it’s safe from any regulatory action — or mischief.

The lads are at it again!There cannot be too many nonagenarians who spend their time worrying about bitcoin. Charlie and Warren are well known for their scepticism towards cryptocurrencies, but for such mature investors one would expect less immature comments.Both of them ���no-coiners’, admit they know nothing about cryptocurrencies. They also admitted that they had no idea whether internet companies such as Google and Alibaba are overvalued and are not willing to commit on the impact of artificial intelligence.Being legends in their own time, we will always highly respect the other parts of their investment expertise. But with regard to cryptocurrencies and future tech, for the sake of their own reputations, it is probably best that they keep their views to themselves. The world they knew so well has simply moved on, leaving them scrambling behind.In contrast some other institutional players, are much more optimistic about Bitcoin. For example, earlier this week, the successful investment banking giant Goldman Sachs launched a Bitcoin trading operation, commenting that Bitcoin “is not a fraud.”I’ll definitely go with Goldman in this one.#livefree #bitcoin #charliemunger #warrenbuffet #cryptocurrency Write-up by Linkedin Follower Yanni Acavalos

The Old Guard At It Again They Can’t Admit That There World Is Vanishing And Artificial Intelligence Is Moving Them On!

Managing editor at Crypto Chat Matt Leibowitz thinks it isn’t "EOS: Don’t Believe The Hype", while Daniel Jeffries takes radically different point of view, putting EOS on a pedestal as the coming of the new Crypto dawn.What do you think ?#eos #mattleibowitz #danieljeffries #hypeornot Information update by Linkedin Follower CEO of CyberNet Graeme Conradie Update via the

EOS’s price has risen by around 70 percent this month, and its market cap is now more than Litecoin and Cardano combined, two crypto thinkers have weighed in as to whether or not EOS is worth “the hype”

ICO Awareness Regulation Much Needed

Here’s Why Blockchain Companies Are Moving Away from ICOs

My thoughts in The Merkle: “The SEC has made clear that, at the moment, all ICOs they have seen appear to be securities. This has led to a movement in the US towards Security Token Offerings, STOs.At some point in the near future, security tokens will trade on regulated secondary exchanges such as tZERO, Coinlist, or even NASDAQ.STO issuers have several available securities exemptions at their disposal… Each has its pros and cons, and it’s important for issuers to understand the differences between each exemption.”The best exemptions are Reg D and Reg A+. The article highlights Reg A+, although Reg D is fast, easy, and efficient; investors have a 12-month lockup on tokens.STOs won’t eliminate the need for an underwriter if you’re aiming to raise a big ($10M+) round with Reg A+ (see: believe in a hybrid approach to Reg A+ (see: and encourage STO issuers to consider the same.A hybrid approach means raising capital from some combination of retail crowd, retail brokers, and institutional investors.Lastly: Don’t be the two guys in the picture (if you’re based in the US.) Be smart and hire a savvy securities attorney. Expert/Professional Advise and Write up my Linkedin follower CEO of CrowdFundX - Darren Marble.

In a recent post, the BTG team members explain that they might change the cryptocurrencys' current Equihash algorithm because of the launch of the Antminer Z9 mining rig. The firm Bitmain Technologies has once again produced a device that breaks the mold of digital currency networks that claim to be 'ASIC resistant.'
Jamie Redman / Bitcoin News
People have been hiding messages in the bitcoin blockchain ever since the genesis block was mined. While most aren't as famous as Satoshi's Times headline of January 3 2009, each one will live for as long as bitcoin does, testaments to mankind's obsession with steganography, spam, and unorthodox marriage proposals.
Kai Sedgwick / Bitcoin News

Wall Street Warming to Crypto

The swing to a more diverse future of virtual assets is about to get real with Wall Street.

Some of the most prominent names on Wall Street are warming up to Bitcoin, as we Cryptopreneurs have known this past decade the naysayers are finally joining the Cryptospace. What we are seeing is a massive movement of diverse Banks, Financial Institutions, Hedge Funds, and Power Elites moving towards the paradigm of "The crypto effect" Which is here, and it is real, and there is no stopping the disruptive technological advance. So why fight it! Become part of it.

The NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) has been working on an online trading platform that would allow large investors to buy and hold Bitcoin, according to emails and documents viewed by The New York Times and four people briefed on the effort who asked to remain anonymous because plans were still confidential. Published by Nathaniel Popper of the New York Times. It only means one thing we realise a financial move from the "Big Whales and Powerful Financial Institutions" are they stepping up to the plate and beginning to move for long-term of cryptos? Increased demand for Blockchain innovation or as the analyst, Gene Munster says Bitcoin futures! Could hurt the price of Bitcoin and investors? I can't see that happening at all.

My analysis since January's 2018 spiral dropped Bitcoin's price down to the $6K mark and stayed stagnant in February and March a downplay bearish few months too long. I believe a period much needed to revise and upgrade to the point that Fintech innovation is racing to the position that traditional financial institutions now realise if they don't make the change to digital monetary tools like the Blockchain, they will not only fall behind, but will decline, and possibly disappear. One such positive story is British Bank Barclay's has joined with a significant bitcoin exchange Coindesk a move that marks a break in ranks of UK lenders who have been shunning the cryptocurrency industry as it comes under scrutiny from regulators globally at present.

Regulation even though I don't like the scuffed of centralisation creeping on decentralised ethics, it is much needed to the point to tame the "Wild West" of cryptos, from fraudsters, and hackers harming the disruptive industry at an alarming rate. We must have protocol and innovation combined to combat cyber criminals effectively with a secure central core of autonomous bots programmed to find breaches of secure algorithms fix them, prevent attacks and theft of digital currencies.

The conclusion I leave on a very high note. My right sources and knowledge from the experts and professionals around the globe, we have one thing in common "Welcoming the digital change" Bitcoin was in its infancy stage nearly a decade ago and still is. The only difference is now a vibrant ecosystem of innovation not only for the financial world but all things that need to maintain a permanent ledger on the Blockchain.

Talking About Alpha Omega + Ai Raiden Part 1

CGW's Introduction into The Alpha Omega Blockchain and Ai Raiden. Finally the analytics are in! We have connected the dots to eight technologies which will revolutionize the crypto space. Small introductions are the first step to moving forward. I will add small shards to the story till finish product and system.
On May 4, 2018, at EDCON in Toronto, Canada, the Huobi Group announced its plans to expand to the Canadian market with a fully operational office in Toronto by the end of the year.
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been relatively stringent in its views of both security and utility tokens. The organization is seeking to label all virtual tokens originally distributed through initial coin offerings (ICOs) as securities, which would subject them to very strict regulatory practices and potentially have massive repercussions on their prices.